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    New start

    Hello, we are slowly approaching the time we have set for starting classes in a new place. Our choice fell on Shoreline Bray. I hope that all of us already have membership. I have to tell you that a month without training is impossible to bear. I lasted two weeks, and you? I started my training a little earlier, paving the trails in our new place. Due to the nature of the place and its possibilities, we will stick to a certain plan, which includes several points. Using the When I Work application. The app is available for phones with both Android and iOS. In addition, you can use the…

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    It’s time to change

    There is a time when everything ends. Or should I write that something new begins, something new must end. The moment I am writing this text I know that there are still a few days left for our training in this place, which has been special for us over the last few years. You can always say it’s a pity, but we knew that it would not be forever. Everything has its time. It was a time where we spent time together. We are all subject to the passage of time. Did you know that during this period of time I received 20 master exams and twice as many student…

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    Covenant – בְּרִית

    A holy bond of affinity between two sides, ratified by an oath. Making a covenant was a common custom in ancient Middle Eastern and Greco-Roman culture, serving as a means of creating social and political ties between individuals or groups. God’s covenants are visible in every period of the history of salvation. Divine covenants show God’s saving plan for establishing communion with Israel and nations, ultimately fulfilled by the death and resurrection of Christ. Inadequate devotion of the “covenant” as a “testament” may obscure the theological meaning of the division of the history of salvation – and the biblical canon – into old and new covenants. The language of the…

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    Thought – מַחֲשָׁבָה

    Thought – the creation of our brain. They think and disappear, they can take on the colors of the rainbow. From gloomy to more colorful. Thanks to our thoughts we make various plans, we experience various emotional states. Some try to control them, others calm down while others fight against other obsessions. You can not do it. We can not keep our state of mind and specific thoughts for longer. When I try to focus on being dispersed. When I do not focus, I go deep in thought. In a word, he became a slave to the household mind. Is this really true? During the course of the prayer (or…

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    What is behind this mathematical equation? Could it be another pattern? Only for what? I must warn you that this is not just another pattern, but a suggestion of your training. It often happens that in good weather, we can go out into the fresh air and train ourselves. The problem arises only in the selection of what we could practice alone. So when we think about it, the time of our motivation goes by and usually ends with the fact that we sit in an armchair, open a cold or chilled drink and laze around. And yet you can differently … Here, the above equation 6×4 + 2 comes…

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    Davar – Series

    I am starting today with a cycle which, from the Hebrew word DAVAR דָּבָר, means the Word. I mean God’s Word here. How is it known? Exactly where? This question can be jokingly answered that a few people talked to God and how they did it for themselves to the final editorial office, contributing to the final form of the Bible. Today, we have many tools at our disposal that allow us to read the Word well written down a few or a dozen centuries ago. Thanks to this, we can devote a few moments of our time to the home that has been given to us to read, study…

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    Hiding of swords to the scabbard

    In the school of Shisei Ryu special attention is devoted to training sword techniques. Both long and short and two swords techniques. This subject is very interesting for all students of sword schools because Musashi Miyamoto himself did not sacrifice this topic much. He said, quite briefly, that in his school there are neither extents nor the swallowing of swords. It’s hard to believe this because when you’re carrying swords you have to pull them out, right? So how should we understand it?   For me personally, Musashi’s words make sense if you understand the issue of strategy. Musashi does not say anything about the strategic drawing of the sword,…

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    Get on the road

    Our life is such a journey. We do not know what tomorrow will bring though we are living now, we are not free from making plans for the future. We are constantly thinking what will happen in a moment, as if our moment has come to determine our life here and now. All the time we are bombarded with thoughts, different images, sounds, emotions. The latter are playing a lot of pranks because we experience something hundreds of times forward instead of experiencing the time given to us at a given moment. The last time in our dojo has happened a lot, but rather a lot has happened in people…

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    Shodan Exam

    I would like to warmly congratulate Budoka, Wiktor Stachowiak and Ryszard Madejczyk, Shodan Shisei Ryu, as well as receiving the Shoden Shisei Ryu license. Every exam that passes adolescents in the dojo is a reason for joy for all of us who practice Shisei Ryu. In this way, the next group joins the group of participants who, through the initiation of the exam, enter the circle of people who want to prove not only Sensei but above all themselves that through work they are able to experience their development. What I wish you Wiktor and Ryszard with all my heart.

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    Drawing a sword

    Hello, today I would like to focus on one of the most important element of work with a sword, that is, its proper draw with saya (vagina). Permanent practice has lost my ability to focus on this element. I can say that now I focus on other elements, although I always go back to the very beginnings. As I said earlier, the extrude element is the most important for the adept iai jitsu, where the key is to pull it out quickly. Looking at the practice training recently, I came to the conclusion that it is not as simple as it may seem. If it’s not, then let’s think about…

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